L.O.V.E – What is sincere LOVE?

Yes, now the clock is turning to be 11:50 pm and i will spend a little bit time just on writing something related to love and what love is and areas that are compatible with love. All of these matters  and some derived ideas partly taken from the book called ”freedom is” and of course based on my own opinon also. Hopefully readers do not take it seriously as it should be very true, just take it simple then close your eyes and feel it.

There is one quote from the book that i like the most

”The way of love is not a subtle argument. The door there is devastation. Birds make great sky circles of their freedom. How do they do it? They fall and falling then they are given wings”

The quote might make readers find hard to understand for the first time but wait…follow my article and you will comprehend it more later…no worries, just take a bit free time and relax…

On my opinion, Love is not only happened between male and female, love is a grace of life- freedom and free falling into gratitude, open your heart-forgiving the sins, traps, tricks and hatred…just open your heart and vanish all of the hatred things away…then you will feel ”love”. I mean ”love” happens from something to something, love blooms from any kinds of relationship, nature, and even the whole ”world”.

Love-gratitude, freedom and exposure are things that can not be replacable, I mean it happens and exists at the same time and at the same places when you can not see or you just can feel it when love surrenders and embraces yourself…

For the only route into love is to surrender completely. There must be the will-lingness to expose utterly all parts of yourself, including your so-called shadows parts, those feelings or aspects of yourself that you are not proud of. There must be a willingness to expose even the parts of yourself will be scared of, greedy, wanting, insecured, unworthy, angry, frightended, needy, jealous…grace needs all of your parts and of course needs your exposure to experience it and turn it into the hole of love.

For example: when you are going to have a bad day and your eyes start bursting into tears because of bad news, you gonna go to your friend’s hourse, you start sharing your feelings with them, you tell them about how hard you are suffering even your heart was broken, but your exposure and sharing made you feel better, made your feel that you are free of love and some of your friends finally feel the same way as you did, and the love is all around all of you and finally grace and gratitude open the wide door to lift you up and soar you.

To experience true love, we must be willing to have our hearts broken by it a thousand times, for in the letting go the heartbreaking becomes love, then love is realized to be not a personal love, but an omnipresent field of love that exists all of life. ”I mean in the dangerous time, you will feel how important your life is and you will love it, for example: if you give your hands into fire and your hands start being hurt then you will realize that how much you love your hand and how important it was to be with you”


Love is giving, sharing…

If you love something, just let it go, if it comes back to you it means it belongs to you for sure.

For example: If you see a very beautiful bird, you love it and you always believe that you love it, then you capture it out from the nature into the gate, and you think you love it…no it’s just selfish, love can not include of selfishness…

If you love a bird, just let it go, just feed it rice when it comes to your house, just appreciate and adore it, and let it be free in the nature, if the bird loves you and you love them, they will come to you at the same place and at the another time in the future…trust me.

Love is giving, just give and wish the best things for people you love, do not hope that someday you own them, just hope that they have the best things in life and something nice will come to them…then it’s love.

Love is sincere, honest…As long as you love someone, something or some matters in the world, just be honest with yourself and with the people you are facing to, because the acceptance is quite important in love area, if someone,something loves you honestly, they will accept your honesty.

Finally, we will come back to the birds and wings as mentioned above…

We can not hold anything back from love: there must be a willingness to offer all of ourselfves into fire- even if it breaks our hearts, even if we are devasted by the power and immensity of it’s beauty. there must be a willingness to allow love to ravage us. For it is in the offering of our complete selves into this love that we fall, and in the falling that we are given wings – and are free to soar on the wings of grace in the embrace of love.

”If you like a flower, you will want to pick it out

But if you really love a flower, you will water it every day”

Remember 🙂

I love my friends, my family and some of my relationships, I wish the best for them and I give them all of my love and gratitude to make them feel the life of grace.

Sorry if my written english was quite terrible but hopefully you understand what i have written and thanks for your attention!

Good night to all of you and hopefully you will take it into consideration and be free to feel it.


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